Maintenance and Appreciation of Historical Buildings

The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) will launch a series of Public Engagement Events in 2019-20 to promote Built Heritage Conservation of Hong Kong with a grant from Built Heritage Conservation Fund (BHCF) under Development Bureau.

Many historical buildings in Hong Kong are worth conserving. However, their beauty and cultural values are being overlooked without proper and timely maintenance. Owners also lack the knowledge and means of access for assistance for building conservation. Both of them pose threats to the health and safety of the occupiers and the general public.

Through this project, we would like to arouse the owners’ appreciation of the value of their buildings and the proper ways to maintain their buildings through different successful showcases and guide them through the steps to seek relevant help at different stages and understand the intelligence of traditional skills hidden behind the historic building.

Our project objectives are to:

  • promote the knowledge of built heritage conservation among the general public
  • arouse the knowledge and appreciation of heritage conservation of private owners and other stakeholders of historical buildings so as to take the initiative to conserve their own historical buildings
  • encourage the general public to engage in various heritage conservation projects

Built Heritage Conservation Fund

The 2016 Policy Address has announced $500 million is earmarked for the founding of the Built Heritage Conservation Fund to implement the recommendations of the Antiquities Advisory Board pursuant to its policy review on the conservation of built heritage. Apart from covering certain existing government initiatives and activities on built heritage conservation including the Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme and the Financial Assistance for Maintenance Scheme, the Built Heritage Conservation Fund also provide subsidies for public education, community involvement and publicity activities, and academic research after established in 2016. In 2017, two new funding schemes for public engagement projects and thematic research were launched under the Fund.

Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors

Established in 1984, The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) is the only surveying professional body incorporated by ordinance in Hong Kong. As of 5 June 2019, the number of members reached 10522, of which 6904 were corporate members, 77 were associate members and 3541 were probationers and students.

HKIS work includes setting standards for professional services and performance, establishing codes of ethics, determining requirements for admission as professional surveyors, and encouraging members to upgrade skills through continuing professional development.

HKIS plays an important consultative role in government policy making and on issues affecting the profession. We have advised the government on issues such as unauthorized building works, building safety campaign, problems of property management, town planning and development strategies, construction quality and housing problems. We are working on amendments to standard forms of building contract and have issued guidance notes on floor area measurement methods.

We have an established presence in the international arenas and overseas connections, and have entered into reciprocal agreements with professional surveying and valuation institutes in the United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore recognizing the counterpart's member's qualifications. In addition, HKIS is members of various leading international surveying organisations.